Welcome to the IBCircle!

“A truly unique and engaging organization”


Founded in 2004, IBCircle is: 

  • A vibrant global business & lifestyle network in Colorado for international business leaders, executives & professionals AND their families.

What we do:

  • We bring our members together to exchange international perspectives, knowledge & connections in a no-pitch, congenial, fun environment. 

We host 3 streams of events (23+ events per year):

  • Business Leaders Evenings
  • Quarterly Executive Briefings
  • Enjoying Colorado Events

As a group, IBCircle is:

  • High-powered yet informal
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Fun
  • Intellectually challenging & engaging
  • Friendly & welcoming

We Value:

  • Practical experience in international business.
  • An active exchange of knowledge & experience.
  • A balanced mix of backgrounds, industries, countries, job functions.
  • The pursuit of common ground & deeper understanding.
  • A nonpartisan & non-ideological setting.
  • A no-pitch environment.