Welcome to the IBCircle!

“A truly unique and engaging organization”

The International Business Circle (IBC) is a vibrant, by-invitation organization for international executives and professionals. We share practical experiences in doing business abroad and a vivid interest in foreign markets, economies, global best-practices and cultural differences. We connect locally to work better globally.
Founded in 2004 by our great Swiss friend, Katrin Windsor, and under Maggie Fouquet’s new leadership since 2010, this organization connects people around the globe. Through our frequent events, friendships are established and deals are made. (We have a strict “No Pitch” policy at events, but that doesn’t stop people from sharing their interests.) The peer-to-peer learning at IBC events provides new insights and perspectives for even the most seasoned international executives.

Our mission is simple yet compelling:

  • To bring our members together to exchange international perspectives, knowledge & connections in a non-pitch, congenial, fun environment.
  • Our vision is:

  • A vibrant global network for international business executives and professionals and their families.
  • We Value . . .

  • Practical experience in international business.
  • An active exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • A balanced mix of backgrounds, industries, countries, functions.
  • The pursuit of common ground and deeper understanding.
  • A nonpartisan and non-non-ideological setting.
  • no-pitch environment.
  • We’re all about connecting international business executives for growth.  We share international business perspectives, knowledge and connections and help one another stay on top of global change.Deborah-Read-Fowler-and-Maggie-Fouquet-welcome-to-International-Business-Circle-300x201
    If you’re an international and/or internationally active business executive and interested in growing…
  • Your company internationally
  • Or your global career
  • Or your cosmopolitan business contacts locally
  • Or in giving your local staff, visiting international colleagues or prospective customers a taster of Colorado’s international business scene and top talent
  • Or if you’re looking to connect yourself and your family with like-minded international people
  • …we’d love to hear from you.
    Take a look at our site and do get in touch if you’d like to know more – or join our mailing list to be invited to attend an event as a ‘first-time guest’ to try us out.

    We look forward to connecting with you and to welcoming you to our one-of-a-kind global group soon!

    Maggie Fouquet               Deborah Read Fowler
    President                                 VP Sales & Memberships