Members of the IBCircle’s Advisory Board represent an impressive range of business leaders, professionals and influencers from all over the world. Be sure to connect with them at one of our next events. They would love to meet you! 


Chair: Ronny Wells – Jacobs University Foundation Of America

President: Maggie Fouquet – International Business Circle

Vice Presidents: Deborah Read Fowler – DRF Realtor

 Advisory Board

Kweku Boafo – R & R Partners

Susan Brushaber – Law Reinhardt LLP

David Cole – Eurasian Minerals

David Charmatz – Mediaziom LLC

Debra Duke – MenoGeniX Inc.

Andrew Fowler –

Lori Freemire – Vx, and Mission ROI

Mike Freemire – Marketing In Motion, Mission ROI

Bill Graebel – Graebel Companies Inc.

Kei Izawa – International Aikido Federation, Teppei LLC, and Aikikai Tanshinjuku Colorado

Betzalel Kenigsztein – Libety Global

Monir Ludin – Pike Worldwide

Boli Medappa – Hermes Consulting Group Inc.

Steve Meyer – Main Street Pedicabs, Inc

Ski Muir Milburn – VAIREX air systems

Rob Miles – Ball Corporation

Ana Riveros – Kaiser Permanente

Dawn Thompson –

Dave Wilby – Return Path, Otherinbox


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