A Very Australian Celebration Of International Trade – February 22, 2018

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You’re invited… Join us for a stimulating evening at Stephanie & Michael Carters’ lovely home in Boulder. Along with connecting in a wonderful setting, we’ll enjoy exploring international trade from a fresh perspective and networking Australian-style. What can we learn from our seasoned international executives from the Land Down Under? And what’s their scoop on the big changes across the globe that could affect all our businesses?  What can we learn?  Find out! Powerful insights for sure!

Our facilitator/interactive activity leader for this evening:

  • Michael Carter, Founder & President, Energy Business Strategy, Ltd., an enerCognis Group company & Chief Revenue Officer at EPIS, LLC
  • Particpants include: Stephanie Carter, President & CEO, The Wallaroo Hat Company;  Ed Manners, Chairman & CEO, Sun Strategies Group Of Companies;
    Brett Callanan, Relationship Manager, HSBC Commercial Banking

Join us, enjoy:
An international evening with members from at least 15 countries
Exploring interesting approaches to international growth
An interactive activity to get you all meeting one another
Gourmet food, drinks and music in a wonderful setting
Lively, cordial and thought-provoking evening for sure!

6:00 – Cocktails and international conversations
6:40 – Gourmet buffet celebrating Australia
7:25 – Introductions, welcome address
7:28 – Opening remarks, thought-provoking questions
7:30 – Interactive exchange & activity to get you all talking to one another
8:00 – More international conversations
9:00 – Close

MEMBERS, MEMBERS’ GUESTS AND FIRST-TIME GUESTS ONLY. Spouses and friends with International business experience welcome.

  • Registrations by February 10: $75.00
  • Registrations after February 10: $85.00

Registrations after February 18: $10.00 surcharge

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Casually classy Australia celebratory or global change appropriate.

Looking forward to seeing you on February 22!

Perspectives On Islamic Extremism & The World – Dec 6, 2017

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You’re invited… Join us quickly after work for a thought-provoking discussion on a major foreign policy topic and how it could influence your business internationally.

This event is part of our small group Business Briefings series which adds a deeper level of discussion to our gatherings. We draw inspiration from articles in well-established publications and build on these by delving deeper into how foreign relations and geopolitical developments could influence our businesses/the global economy.

Let’s draw on the wealth of knowledge within our IBCircle to gain valuable perspectives. What developments should we be aware of? What initiatives are on the horizon? And what challenges and opportunities will these be creating for business across the globe? What can we learn?  Find out! Powerful insights and lively, cordial and stimulating discussions for sure!
Our Speakers/Discussion Leaders for this evening:

  • Dr Ahmad Ghais – Born and raised in Egypt, he came to America in 1958 to study engineering and became a US Citizen. Now retired after an international career centered on the technology and management of satellite communications, Ahmad has been leading discussions on the origins and effects of Islamic extremism for many years. He does not advocate for any Islamist organization. (Bio)
  • Monir Ludin – International Business Executive. Founder & CEO of Pike Worldwide. He grew up in Afghanistan and has lived in Germany, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and has traveled extensively in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. He moved to Colorado in 1989. While pursuing his international business career, Monir has volunteered his time as a community leader and has held leadership positions at a number of local Islamic and interfaith organizations. He continues to lead discussions and gives talks on Islam and Muslims. (Bio) 

Discussion Synopsis for this evening:

  • Exploring the origins and effects of Islamic extremism on the world.  Let’s take a global perspective and look at: Its origins. Why do they hate us so today? Why can’t they be like us?  Is it religion, history, or oil? What’s next in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc.? Can Arabs & Israelis ever live together? Why is this important for the West? And what is the profound effect on international trade? And stability? And more…


  • 5:30 PM – Guests arrive, networking + cash coffee bar
  • 5:45 PM – Introductions and topic overview
  • 5:55 PM – Subject expert speakers – special remarks/insights/stimulating ideas to spark participant discussion
  • 6:10 PM – Discussion on topic facilitated by main subject experts and moderator
  • 7:00 PM – Close (Attendees are welcome to continue discussions informally by going out for drinks/dinner)



    Registrations for Individual members: $45 per event
    Registrations for Annual Patrons, Sponsors & Corporate Members: Free

Advanced, on-line registrations required. The IBCircle has a standard no-refund policy. Space is limited to 25 maximum. Early booking recommended.