An Exclusive Evening With The Consul General Of Canada – April 20, 2017

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You are invited to a powerful and pleasant international business and social evening in Dallas. We’ll enjoy meeting our special guest, Sara Wilshaw, the Consul General of Canada in Dallas, who will help us explore the strong and growing ties and opportunities between Texas and her home country.
Join us for a festive evening of fun and entertainment as we celebrate business with Canada and the world. Be sure to brush up on your Canadian trivia and cultural facts to win prizes and admiration!
6:00 – Cocktails and international conversations by the pool
6:40 – Gourmet buffet
7:20 – Introductions, welcome address by Sara Wilshaw, the Consul General of Canada
7:45 – More international conversations
9:00 – Close

MEMBERS, MEMBERS’ GUESTS AND FIRST-TIME GUESTS ONLY. Spouses and friends with International business experience welcome.
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Buffet dinner included. Advanced, on-line registrations required.  Space is limited. Early booking recommended.


Casually classy, Canada celebratory or doing business with Canada appropriate.

Message from the Consul General:
It is my great honour and privilege to be appointed Consul General of Canada in Dallas, representing Canada in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.  The ties that bind 35 million Canadians to the 39 million people in this region are strong and growing. And I’m eagerly anticipating being part of that.
From my previous post leading Canada’s commercial relations in New Delhi, India I had a ring-side seat on the international competition for capital and jobs.  That experience drove home to me the importance of Canadians and U.S. citizens working together to take advantage of our synergies, to make our economies more seamless and to secure our place on the global stage. Together we have many strengths.
We defend North America together. At Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, for example, 43 members of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Army form the Canadian Component. For 35 years Canadians have been an integral part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) Airborne Warning and Control System program (AWACS, or “Eh-WACS” as Canadians like to say), part of the 552nd Air Control Wing, deploying in North American skies and around the globe.
And we’re building North America’s energy security together. Canada’s vast resources from the Arctic to the Pacific to the Atlantic, are a treasure-house of energy supplies, including the world’s third-largest oil reserves. Companies are investing billions of dollars to bring those energy resources to market. Murphy Oil, based in El Dorado, Arkansas, for example, is an investor in Alberta’s oil sands and in offshore Newfoundland and Labrador. And Canadian companies are investing billions of dollars to develop energy resources in this region of the U.S., including the pipelines that tie producers to consumers. In a turbulent world, we can count on each other to create jobs in the energy sector and increase energy security for all North Americans.
But energy is just one sector and I see great potential, with our Trade Commissioner sector specialists at the Consulate General, in linking Canadian entrepreneurs with U.S. businesses in this region through partnerships and strategic alliances across the whole spectrum of the North American economy.
Our team at the Consulate General engages local leaders on issues that affect North Americans, helps Canadians living and traveling in our region, and assists in building business relationships. I look forward to answering your questions and to hearing from you on how Canadians, Arkansans, Louisianans, New Mexicans, Oklahomans and Texans, together, can build a stronger and more competitive North America.
I’m looking forward to getting to work with you on these important issues.
Consul General,
Sara Wilshaw

Biography – Consul General Sara Wilshaw
A graduate of York University’s International Relations and Economics program, Ms. Wilshaw joined the Public Service of Canada in 1993.  She began her career with the Canada Border Services Agency, followed by Statistics Canada, before joining the Foreign Service in 1996.
Her overseas experience with Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada includes assignments in the trade section of the Canadian Embassy in Japan, managing Intellectual Property issues at the Permanent Mission of Canada to the WTO in Geneva, and providing leadership on Canada’s commercial relations with South Asia as the Minister (Commercial) at the High Commission of Canada in India.
In Ottawa, she has held progressively senior positions covering East Asia, Multilateral Trade Policy, Human Resources Management, Strategic Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Trade Commissioner Service Support and as the Director-General in the Office of the Chief Trade Commissioner of Canada.
Ms. Wilshaw is currently the Consul General of Canada to the South Central United States, based in Dallas and covering Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
Ms. Wilshaw is married and has two children.
Looking forward to seeing you on April 20! 
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