We all know how important education is to you and finding the right school. Colorado has many different kinds of school: Public, Private, and Charter. Here are just a couple of sites to get you started and some thoughts from our members.


“I prefer public schools. After all that is one of the things we pay taxes for. When my wife and I are looking for a school we use these criteria: Whether the school has a strong arts program and how much it encourages students to participate; Opportunities to learn things/subjects out of the ordinary; Support provided to students in creating their personalized curriculum and in being prepared to apply for college.”

Steve BreitmanIBCircle Sponsor: President, Mindful Business Solutions

Colorado Department of Education is a great starting point to finding the right public school in Colorado


“Our Son went to Cherry Hills Christian Middle School for 6-8th grades and it was a wonderful experience! The academics were challenging and he had small classes with wonderful, caring teachers. This provided a great foundation for high school at our district school which is a small high school by Denver standards. While our son was in 8th grade applied to 4 high schools, 2 private and 2 public. We decide on the small public high school because of the class sizes, the strong academics and the warm environment. Two years in, it has been a positive experience for our son.”

Lori FreemireIBC Board Member