How To Get Around Town In Colorado Using Public Transportation

     by IBCircle Board Member

Ana Riveros


Trains and buses?

If you are like most Coloradans I know, you would probably drive your car around the state and rarely use public transportation. That was clear to me when one of our neighbors spotted my husband and I at the bus stop and immediately asked if everything was “ok” and if we wanted to borrow their car.
I regularly use the Regional Transportation District (RTD), which is the bus and rail transit service to Denver, Boulder, and surrounding cities in Colorado. I was thrilled to discover the addition of three new lines and a special train (A line) to the airport. You can see all relevant information such as fares, services and how to ride on their website: (

I particularly enjoy using the train on snowy days as trains run always on time and there is no ‘traffic’. I also enjoy taking the ‘FlatIron’ bus to Boulder and other cities because is so convenient and buses are brand new.

Compared to other cities, we do not have a bullet train as in Japan or a Magnetic train as the one in Shanghai; however, our system is easy to use, covers a reasonable area and is affordable.

Please consider using the train to the airport during your next trip to DIA.    Train to plane

My friend Stacey and I tried it during the opening day on April 22nd and very soon it become evident hundreds of people had the same idea. Although it was an unusual day because of the free service as an inaugural treat, we still enjoyed the ride. What fabulous views!
There are six parking lots around the train stops, some of them allow you to park overnight for free. The ride is $9 dollars independent of where you board and you must pay before you board the train. The train runs every 15 min.


Taxis here in Colorado are certainly not like the ones in London or Tokyo. We have a long way to go. In my experience, taxis here are dirty and drivers are often not friendly at all. When I do need to use a ‘taxi’, I take Uber. My experience has been very positive so far. If you are new to Uber, go to their website and download their app : ( ).

By Car

When coming to Colorado one of the first things you will need to do is find your Local DMV (department of motor vehicle).  This is were you will be able to get a Colorado identification card, your driver licenses, car tags/registration.  Everything you will need to start exploring beautiful  Colorado.


RTD provides public transportation through buses and light rail all through the Front Range.  RTD also offers also has multiply was to travel to and from DIA


Denver Public Transportation

By Taxi

Move around the city quickly using local taxi services.

Yellow Cab

Metro Taxi