America’s health care system can be confusing, it is important to find the right insurance that meets your family needs, plus you will need to know where to find amazing Doctors.

  IBCircle Board Member Dawn Thompson recommends choosing a broker who will guide you through the health companies and plans. “There are only about six medical health companies today. An international background from the broker helps. Drug Prices shock international people. Make sure they ask this question. Paying premiums, out of pocket, deductibles, and co pays etc., can be overwhelming. Find someone who will explain everything and give you an annual estimated cost of all of these costs and plans. Base your choices on your needs and your family requirements.”

   IBCircle Board Member David Charmatz recommends using PPO’s and HRA’s (if available) and HSA’s if you have kids or recurring medical expenses. Know where “Urgent Care” facilities are near your home, and use them over emergency rooms for routine’ish medical issues. Also, many primary care physicians are converting to “Concierge Care” practices, so be prepared to pay extra to maintain your provider (usually $65-$200 per month) or you will have to find another provider.”