You are cordially invited to join our mailing list and register for and attend ONE event as a ‘first-time guest’.  After that, you will need to be a member or a member’s guest to attend IBCircle events.

Individual Membership Fees and Application

  1. Individual Membership fees are $300 for the first year and currently $100 for annual renewals thereafter.
  2. TO APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP. Complete the on-line application (click-here)
  3. The Board will review your application within a month. You will get an email notification of the Board’s vote. When accepted, fees get processed automatically. Applicable discounts, if any, are deducted at that time.

Individual Membership Criteria

  • The IBCircle is reserved for individuals who…
  • Have either lived or worked abroad in a management position, and/or
  • Are currently managing international operations, teams or projects and
  • Are referred by at least one current member
  • Note – If you meet these criteria and are interested in joining but don’t yet have a referring member, please email us and/or call at (303) 818-2123 to tell us about yourself.

Corporate Membership Criteria

  • We also offer a range of corporate memberships.
  • Our selection criteria for Corporate Memberships are less stringent. As long as a company is involved in international business or plans to expand abroad within the next year, any employee can have one of your allocated memberships and attend events.
  • This is a great way to quickly integrate new international staff and their families as they arrive in Colorado.
  • This membership also offers a valuable opportunity for you to enable visiting clients or executives/employees from overseas to experience local exposure, business culture and connections.
  • Please contact IBCircle President Maggie Fouquet for more information: 

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in our annual series of exclusive and private events.
  • Develop a powerful, unique and satisfying network.
  • Grow your business and social capital with like-minded people in a relaxed setting.
  • Meet other foreign or internationally-active executives.
  • Get insiders’ insights on global change and markets.
  • Identify foreign risks and opportunities.
  • Anticipate global trends.

Ground Rules

  • We guarantee a pitch-free environment at events. Deals are a likely and natural outcome of the type of relationships that develop through the club. However anyone who is caught ‘pitching’ is out.
  • We cap memberships for Service Providers and these are reserved for individuals with significant international experience.
  • The club reserves the right to terminate a membership without explanation by refunding the unused portion of the annual tuition free on a pro-rated basis.