Members of the IBC represent an impressive range of business leaders, professionals and influencers, from Fortune 1000 CEOs to successful serial entrepreneurs to companies that are making their first steps towards ‘going international’. They come from a wide variety of industries – and nations.  We currently have over 300 members in Colorado representing more than 27 countries and a combined average of over ten years of international experience.

International Perspectives, Knowledge and Connections

Individual Membership Fees and Application

      1. Individual Membership fees are $300 for the first year and currently $100 for annual renewals thereafter.
      1. TO APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP: Complete the on-line application (click here)
      1. The Board will review your application within a month. You will get an email notification of the Board’s vote. When accepted, fees get processed automatically. Applicable discounts, if any, are deducted at that time.

Membership Criteria

Individual Membership Criteria

The IBCircle is reserved for individuals who . . .

– Have either lived or worked abroad in a management position, and/or
– Are currently managing international operations, teams or projects, and
– Are referred by at least one current member.

If you meet these criteria and are interested in joining but don’t yet have a referring member, please email us and tell us about yourself.

Corporate Membership Criteria

We also offer a selection of corporate memberships.
Our selection criteria for Corporate Memberships are less stringent. As long as a company is involved in international business or plans to expand abroad within the next year, any employee can be have one of your allocated memberships and attend events.
This is a great way to quickly integrate new international staff and their families as they arrive in Colorado.
This membership also offers a valuable opportunity for you to enable visiting clients or executives/employees from overseas to experience local exposure, business culture and connections.
If you are interested in a corporate membership, do email us – we’d love to hear from you.

Membership Benefits

  • Participate  in our annual series of exclusive and private events.
  • Develop a powerful, unique and satisfying network.
  • Grow your social capital with like-minded people in a relaxed setting.
  • Meet other foreign or internationally-active executives.
  • Get insiders’ insights on global change and markets.
  • Identify foreign risks and opportunities.
  • Anticipate global trends.
  • Enjoy conversations about. . .
    • How many times do you need to kiss a French colleague?
    • Do you know a good IP lawyer in Brazil?
    • How did you set-up manufacturing in China?
    • Where do you stay in Tokyo, Sydney or Zurich?
    • Is it cheaper to manufacture in China or Vietnam?
    • For foreigners; how did you adjust to working with Americans?

“A high-value network.” – Valeria Alberola, CFO, Bridge

“An impressive, interesting, and cordial group.” – 
Robbie Morrison, Serial Entrepreneur in Eastern Europe

Ground Rules

We guarantee a pitch-free environment at events. Deals are a likely and a natural outcome of the type of relationships that develop through the club. However anyone who is caught ‘pitching’ is out.

We cap memberships for Service Providers which is reserved for individuals with significant international experience.

The club reserves the right to terminate a membership without explanation by refunding the unused portion of the annual tuition fee on a pro-rated basis.